Bengal Facts

Bengals have some fun characteristics…

Chatty Catty

Bengals are known to be rather talkative. Their vocal repertoire is very varied, ranging from a simple meow to a chirrup, yowl or a more urgent and alarming guttural sound.


Many Bengals enjoy playing in water. They love splashing and running water from the tub or faucet. It is a very common trait of the Bengal cat personality, which is a direct result of their wild ancestry. They are attracted by running water and will not be afraid to get into the water in order to investigate its source.

Glitter Gene

Bengals fur is referred to as pelts, whether spotted or marbled, are sleek, glossy and as smooth as satin. Unique to the Bengal cat, their coat has the appearance of gold dusted glitter covering it, which looks striking outside in the sunshine. The individual hairs of the cat have a translucent coating. This causes the background colour of the cat to be reflected up the hair – in the fashion of a fibre optic – and cause a glittered effect. Again this aids in the wild and exotic appearance. Snows can also be glittered, which can create a very striking look known as pearl dusting.


Bengals love to climb. Perhaps there’s a mountain-climbing gene in there along with the glitter. If you have high cupboards or very tall furniture, you may find your Bengal has gone where no cat has ever gone before.

Just Like A Dog

Domestic Bengal cats are described as dog-like cats. They are highly trainable and very curious. Bengal cats could perform some dog tricks like ‘sit’ and ‘give paw’. Some like to play fetch, and if you want to take your indoor Bengal outside try walking him on a leash.

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